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                                      The P. E. NELSON Global TEAM                                     

Paul E. Nelson  Founder/CEO


 Paul E. Nelson is the founder and CEO of P. E. NELSON GLOBAL. Mr. Nelson graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration with a cognate in Human Resources from Liberty Universities School of Business. 

Mr. Nelson has been investing in C&I and debt consolidation notes for the past four plus years. His current portfolio holds four assets returning an Annualized Return of 8.19%. Out of the 12 notes that Mr. Nelson has invested in only one note has failed in performing.

P. E. NELSON Global is a financial investment firm currently focused on the 1st position Real Estate non-performing note market.


We build relationships with Bankers, Credit Unions, Asset Managers, Hedge Fund Mangers, and Private Equity funds to source out real estate note deals of their distressed NARE (non-accrual real estate) assets. By purchasing these non-performing assets, we help these businesses create liquidity in a timely manner to reinvest in more profitable assets for their shareholders and stakeholders.

On the flip side by purchasing these notes, we can assist borrowers getting back on their feet financially by conducting a full financial assessment and then renegotiating the terms that meet their needs or finding a way that will allow the borrower to exit the notes financial burden. We also provide the resources to many of the other financial tools and products that they need to be financially free.


Additionally, we build relationships with real estate investors who would like to JV (joint venture) on a deal(s) that P. E. NELSON Global is developing to acquire.


And lastly, we build relationships with export servicers that allows deals to move forward smoothly.

VISION & Mission & Values

Vision: To assist Business, leaders, Families, and nations for their vision by discovering, creating and/or equipping all through investments.

Mission: Is to see Business and people, find their purpose, vision, and dreams and then assist in the possible financing and investment for monetization/cash flow, or other needs of those visions/missions with funds, consulting, and mentorship for their success.

Values: The betterment of society comes from influencing the nations.

Our word is our law. We value honesty and commitment to agreements.

Integrity is not only the words we speak, but also our professional conduct.

We respect all people and business as they are created equal but different.

Creativity/innovation is essential for growth.


What we do.

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