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        These three deal were graciously provided to us by note investing mentor Scott Carson with We Close Notes.    

These are the type of deals that we do at P. E. NELSON Global. So whether you are an investor, a sell, or a borrower. We can all have the potential to win.


In the samples provided we show three exit strategies. But 
there are 12 plus exit strategies available to the investor and also to the home owners.

Exit Strategies Available

                      1. Loan modification                        2. Foreclosure and then sell as is          

                      3. Short Sale                                      4. Foreclosure and then Fix and Flip   

                      5. Foreclosure and then rent.         6. Cash for keys

                      7. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure        8. Discounted Loan Payoff

                      9. Reinstate the Loan                      10. Refinance

                    11. Sell the Note                                 12.  Hardest Hit Fund

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